miami @ houston

7 Sep

miami has met up with houston 6 times and houston has beat miami 6 times and for their 7th match it doesnt look like their is going to be a different outcome. the texans are a legit team and as i stated before in my eyes a superbowl contender and as for the dolphins this is a rebuilding year and they are most likely gonna be in the run for the number1 to 4 pick. miami just doesnt have what it takes toas far as skill goes to show houston somthing they haven’t already seen before with a rookie qb and no deep threat or go to guys i see the texans getting to rookie ryan tannehill and breaking his confidence and putting a huge dent in any passing game miami was gonna come out with. i think the run game is gonna play the biggest role in miamis offence. i see the this game winding up at around 10-42 houston.


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